If you want to book a stall, meeting or advert in the programme, please fill in the booking form and email back to us at mail [@] or post to us at London Anarchist Bookfair, c/o Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX.

You can pay via the paypal button here:

or send us a cheque made payable to "Anarchist Bookfair".

It is possible we may reject your booking (Trots/people in political parties and stalls not related to anarchist or anarchist related activities please note). If you think this may mean you, please email us first to check. Also, because of the shortage of space, you may not get as much space as you asked for.


Last year we had over 100 stalls.

The tables/stalls are roughly 6ft x 2.5ft. You can book half a stall if you want. If you are prepared to give an hour’s labour contribution during the day (giving out programmes, rattling collection buckets, etc) we will reduce the cost of a stall. Costs are all on the attached booking form.


There will be ten rooms for meetings/speakers/discussions. Two of the rooms hold about 100/150 people each (one is a lecture style room). The rest hold between 20 and 60 people. If you need a DVD, projector etc, we need to know in advance not a day before!

To try and make our lives a little easier in the general confusion of the day, we ask groups to give us a name of someone who will be a contact for the meeting. As ever, we’re keen to prod people into having more interesting, varied and challenging meetings rather than just a re-hash of your meeting last year. We want the bookfair to be provocative: we think the meetings should be part of taking anarchist ideas forward.


We print 3,000 copies of the programme, which we circulate around London before the bookfair and give out free on the day. If you want to advertise in it, costs are £100 a page (fractions of a page are charged proportionally).


If you need posters or leaflets, contact us or collect them from Freedom Bookshop, 84b Whitechapel High St, London E1. Our costs for the Bookfair in 2017 will be nearly £10,000 so donations from gigs, collections, workplaces, suing the police or from any other source actually will be willingly accepted.

To contact us

Freedom Bookshop
84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1.