Music, Film & Cabaret

Room P5
Main Building - Ground Floor

12 noon
Film : Spiridinova – Armed Love - 55 mins
The untold story of Maria Spiridonova - an assassin at 18, 11 years in a Siberian labour camp but emerged as the leader of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries locked in a bitter war with the Bolsheviks culminating in the armed insurrection of July 6th 1918.
Directed by Murray Healy and enacted by some London anarchists determined to restore Maria as one of great revolutionaries of all time.

Stand Up Comic : Sajeela Kershi – Fights like a girl – 1 hour

Tales from the Women’s March and her extraordinary life.
Hilarious multi award-winning comedian is putting up her dukes and picking her battles! We’ll be passing the hat around at the end of the set for donations…

Talk and a few songs: Leon Rosselson - That Precious Strand of Jewishness that Challenges Authority – 1 hour
In a recently published pamphlet veteran folk singer Leon Rosselson questioned what being a Jew means—is it adherence to Judaism as a religion, an ethnicity, a citizen of Israel, or someone who eats "chicken soup with knedlach"? In this talk Leon will explore Jewish identity in the 21st century, antisemitism, and Zionism, plus a few songs.

Frenchman with a guitar: Giz Medium – 30 mins
Taking time off from his bookfair table representing the anarchist library in Marseille, Giz will treat us to some folk/punk songs on a borrowed guitar. (He’s also helping to set up the PA).

British bloke with a guitar: Martin Howard – 30 mins
South east London’s own singer songwriter, Martin is exploring the link between capitalism and why your lover left you.

DIY Punk Poet: Bridget Hart – 30 mins
Biting and witty, navigating her way through ideas about feminism, mental health and a far from perfect punk scene, Bridget’s (Jenn’s) words get stuck in your teeth and you’ll be picking them out for days…

Belly dance Served with a side of politics: Dancing Queer – 15 mins
Remember my LGBT+ siblings persecuted around the world
Donations to Egyptian activists please

Anarcho folk punk guitar man from Cardiff: Cosmo – 45 mins
The son of a lapsed Hungarian aristocrat and a disinherited Scottish noblewoman allegedly descended from William the Conqueror, a thirst for social justice has been with him from an early age. "If I can’t live in a castle," he once said, "no-one’s living in a f*cking castle.".

American indie singer songwriter: David Rovics - 1 hour
Described as absolutely brilliant, the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US. He and his songs are featured on national radio. David says exactly what needs to be said.

Queer DIY Folk Punk: Chuck SJ Hay – 30 mins
Chuck’s guitar playing extends far beyond the contemporary and expected style of an acoustic guitarist. Being a visible supporter of gender equality and an active member in the LGBTQ community in Brighton, it is not unusual to see them on the bill in aid of fighting for equal rights.